Connecting Member Businesses

With well-planned weekly meetings members become part of a close knit organization focused on increasing member business, marketing and sales volumes.

At weekly meetings, members exchange information and are prepared to share knowledge of current business activities within their own sphere of operation. As an inevitable consequence of meeting together and getting to know each other and their businesses, there grows confidence in and a respect for the quality of products and services.

Learn more

  • Generate new business potential
  • Learn firsthand information on new developments in products and services
  • Enjoy “additional” executive salespeople to help market your business
  • Attend active, regular forums discussing business and financial problems with peers
  • Develop new business friends and contacts
  • Generate contacts through affiliated associations in over 100 cities

Member Involvement is Key

To get the full benefit of WEA membership for you and your company, attendance at regularly scheduled business meetings is important.

However, it is also suggested that you:

  • Represent your firm with dignity and integrity
  • Discover and pursue practical ways of assisting other members
  • Give business information (leads) and act on information received
  • Provide referrals and contacts to other members
  • Pay dues on time
  • Recommend member firms to your own associates, employees, friend, and family
  • Assist in strengthening the association by serving as an officer or committee head when asked
  • Seek out qualified new members in open classifications
  • Contact the President (phone number and email and postal addresses below).

The Urban Kitchen + Bar

The regular WEA meetings are held at The Urban (formerly Coral Seafood) resturant on Shrewsbury St. In Worcester MA. The meetings formats vary from week to week but usually include lunch, sharing business leads and a member classification talk. In order to attend a meeting as a guest, you must first be approved by the President.