Arthur Cole Painting Corporation

Arthur Cole Painting Corporation
Business Name: Arthur Cole Painting Corporation
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Business Address: Arthur Cole Painting Corporation
39 Mason Street
Worcester, MA 01610
Short Business Description: Commercial Painting and Wall Coverings
Business Description:

Trusted & depended for over 50 years for commercial painting & wall covering

Arthur Cole Painting Corporation has completed many of the important projects in our geographic area in the last half century.

As one of the largest merit shop contractors in New England, we strive to first completely understand our customers’ goals and their project aspirations before creating a plan that will foster a successful project turn-around.

Our client base includes construction managers, colleges, hospitals and health-care providers, and the large-growth pharmaceutical industry. We also serve industries with special coating applications requirements for industrial protection.

Arthur Cole Painting Corporation is dedicated to providing the best coating applications at a reasonable price and in an efficient manner. We proudly develop close working relationships with our customers and strive to build lasting goodwill.

Representative: Dave Cole
Business Website Address: Cole Painting Web Site
Business Phone Number: 508-799-9019
Business Fax: 508-797-4049