New England Condominium

Business Name: New England Condominium
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Business Address: 91 Barry Road, Worcester, MA 01609
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A publication dedicated to information on the the right practices to running a condo association, helpful to not only condo trustees and BOD’s, but also a must read for folks living this lifestyle. Property managers and trustees alike find this publication invaluable. It is free and available also on the web at . NEC also produces an annual Expo at the Seaport Boston World Trade Center visit at – Advertising rates are competitive and we go out in the mail each month to 12,000 trustees, property managers and related real estate folks. We also produce the publication as an epublication and are emailed to over 12,000 addresses each month! That’s hard copy paper and electronic email…you will find nothing like this in New England!

Representative: Alyce Hill, Advertising Director
Business Phone Number: 508.797.5415
Business Fax: 774.244.4081