Pro-Tech Extermination Services, Inc.
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541 Pleasant St., Worcester, MA 01602
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Pro-tech Pest Control has been helping residents and commercial industries of central MA remain pest free since 1991. Founded by Brian White, Pro-tech uses a common-sense approach in pest control to make life easier for you and me, and tougher for the pests we all hate to live with. Pro-tech understands the importance of customer service and strives to ease the burdens that pests place on families and businesses. Pest control is an essential industry that effects and affects the community directly. Pro-tech Pest Control wants their customers to feel PROUD to have pest control NOT EMBARRASSED ABOUT IT.

Other info-

Married to wife Jessica, two sons, Jack 5, James 3. Employed at Pro-Tech since 2002. Owner since 2015. Outside interests- family time, all things comfort correlated, golf and following all New England sports.

John White



Products and services
Commercial Integrated Pest Management specialists; Wood destroying insect elimination;
VA/FHA Real Estate Inspections
Bed Bug Treatments

Leads needed
Commercial businesses interested in Integrated Pest Management Programs; residential customers interested in resolving pest isssues and preventive maintenance.

Corporate contacts
Business owners, facilities managers, professional real estate property management firms

Preferred geography
Worcester and MetroWest counties

John White, President
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