Membership consists of executives from non-competing businesses…

Businesses represent various classifications. Membership is by invitation from a current member; your sponsor. Alternatively you may also nominate your own business for membership if the appropriate business classifications open (see Open Classifications). Note that at least 60% of your revenue must come from business within the selected open classification.

WEA members are expected to represent their firm with dignity and integrity.  Additionally, they are expected to:

  • Attend 75% of regularly scheduled business meetings
  • Discover and pursue practical ways of assisting other members
  • Give business information (leads) and act on information received
  • Provide referrals and contracts to other members
  • Pay dues on time
  • Recommend member firms to associates, employees, friends and family
  • Assist in the strengthening of the association by serving as an officer or committee head when asked
  • Support all WEA activities