CLASSIFICATION PRESENTATION FEBRUARY 22 – Rosenlund Travel Service Inc BY Beth Rossi

CLASSIFICATION PRESENTATION FEBRUARY 22 – Rosenlund Travel Service Inc BY Beth Rossi

Rosenlund Travel Service Inc

Beth Rossi


Rosenlund Travel Service Inc. is a full-service travel agency located at 298 Boston Turnpike, Suite 1, Floor 1 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Founded by Axel M. Rosenlund, grandfather of the current agency operators, Rosenlund Travel has been arranging travel since 1912.


Axel Rosenlund immigrated to Worcester, Massachusetts, from Gothenburg, Sweden, just after the turn of the century in the early 1900s. Axel became a banker, newspaper editor, and spokesman for the fast-growing Swedish-American population. It was an era of intense industrial expansion in Worcester, when companies such as Norton Company, American Steel and Wire Co., and Morgan Construction Company turned to Sweden’s pool of skilled workers to meet their escalating labor demands. Axel became a steamship ticket agent for Swedish and Norwegian Lines and for Cunard Lines in 1912 and went into the business of expediting the large movement of immigrants from Scandinavia to Worcester. In recent years, agents at Rosenlund would uncover documents penned by Axel in the teens, twenties, and thirties (1930s, that is). Even more exciting are the occasions when a client brings into our office a grandparent’s treasured honeymoon document from early in the past century.


Rosenlund Travel arranges vacation travel, group travel, and business travel.  We arrange honeymoons and Destination Weddings.  Call us for your next cruise, tour, rail trip, safari, expedition, or just an air, car, or hotel reservation to visit relatives.  We are leading agents for TAUCK TOURS as well as all tour operators of USTOA (United States Tour Operators Association).  We are leading agents for most cruise lines as well.

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