Leah Motsis: WEA Executive Director

Virtual Meeting Monday April 27th

Virtual Meeting Monday April 27th

Join our virtual meeting Monday April 27th!

Connect into our meeting this week! Our presenter is Mark E. Meacham of One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning. The meeting will be open for connections at 11:50 and start at 12:15. So, fire up your laptop or mobile device or telephone on speaker to join it while you have lunch sheltering in place.

To join in just check your email for the meeting links and credentials to join on your computers or mobile devices. If you prefer there is information on how to join in via plain old telephone too. For mobile devices you may want to download the Free Conference Call (FCC) app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Note: Don’t get the HD version! It won’t work for our meeting.

I’m sure well all have a good time sharing news and leads when we get meet and hearing about energy and money saving programs from Mark and One Hour.


Due to COVID-19 concerns and response we are cancelling our Visitor’s Day meeting for March 16th. If you are a member who has invited visitors PLEASE be sure to contact them and confirm they know about the cancellation.

With too much news coverage being a bit hyperbolic we hope the following fact-based advise from the CDC might be helpful for our individual thoughtful response and preparedness:

We will keep our members informed about upcoming meetings.

Boys & Girls Club – Kid’s Cafe

Boys & Girls Club of Worcester
65 Tainter St



Be Healthy: Kids Café

The Boys & Girls Club is dedicated to positively influencing our youth’s lives. While our many programs serve several purposes, one of those purposes is to promote healthy living. Some families who send their children to the Boys & Girls Club struggle to put healthy food on the table each night. Two nights a week during the school year members and their families are invited to enjoy a nutritious prepared meal right here in our Kids Café. Each meal is nutritionally sound, and is geared toward kids’ likes.

It’s a lot of work to put on a meal for 200 people, and that’s why we need so many helping hands in our Kids Café. From teenage volunteers to companies and organizations, volunteers offer their time and skill as they do everything from set tables, to cook and serve meals.

CLASSIFICATION PRESENTATION JUNE 20 2016–Herbert Berg Florist, Inc. by Sally Jablonski

Herbert Berg Florist, Inc.


Sally has been in the floral industry since her very young years.  She graduated from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture in 1980, and University of Massachusetts in 1982 and is active with the Stockbridge Alumni Association.


Sally has competed in numerous professional floral design competitions, and the highlight of her career was competing in the 1989 World Floral Design Competition in Tokyo, Japan.  She currently teaches for the after school program for the Worcester Public Schools.


Another highlight of Herbert E. Berg is creating all the centerpieces for Nobel Prize winner Craig Mello in January 2007 at the DCU center.  She has been a florist at Herbert E. Berg Inc. since 1985 buying the business from Mr. Berg in 1995.  Sally is experienced in all aspects of floral design.  One of her responsibilities is the setup and delivery of your wedding flowers.  Sally personally oversees the details of your special day.


WCRN is an AM radio station in Worcester, Massachusetts, owned by Carter Broadcasting.


The station broadcasts at 830 AM at a transmitter power output of 50,000 watts and can be heard from Maine to Providence, Rhode Island, and from Boston to Springfield, Massachusetts (during the day).


The station bills itself as “True Talk 830,” with a talk radio format all day, except for financial shows from 9-11 a.m. and noon to 1 p.m. weekdays and infomercials at assorted times on Saturdays and Sundays.


The station is owned by the Carberry family. Kurt Carberry is the vice president and general manager; the program director is Hank Stolz.


WCRN 830AM is broadcasting all home Worcester Bravehearts games!

CLASSIFICATION PRESENTATION June 6 2016– Midstate Auto Group BY Nate Attella

CLASSIFICATION PRESENTATION June 6 2016– Midstate Auto Group BY Nate Attella

Nate Attella
Midstate Auto Group


Midstate Auto Group in Auburn has been in business for 10 years.  The owner Ray Butler is on site almost every day to instill his vision of the best customer experience when purchasing a vehicle.  His vision of the Best, Most Fun place to buy a car has been a part of the day to day operation for 10 years! Majority of our vehicles are one owner off-lease vehicles still under manufacturer warranty.  Our state of the art service center does a multi-point inspection of the vehicles when they are delivered here to ensure the customer not only has a great experience but they are delivered an amazing product. The dealership has grown year after year and now offers just about 100 vehicles and a full service station with a Massachusetts inspection station on site.  With over 75% of our business generating from repeat customers and referrals; that says a lot about the dealerships reputation and the customers experience!


Nate Attella has been working at Midstate Auto Group for over 5 years now.  He was raised in Sturbridge Ma.  He currently lives in North Brookfield with his spouse and daughter as well as their soon to be arriving 2nd daughter. Prior to Midstate Auto Group Nate was at The Hanover Insurance Group for 6 years.


Nate is on site at Midstate Auto Group almost every day helping customers get the best experience when purchasing a vehicle. He has helped develop the website and the internet reputation, as well as become a dedicated sales associate.



Have you heard about the new materials, plants and techniques for managing your landscape?  What needs to be done to properly maintain your landscaping features from the stress of winter weather, summer heat and drought or insect pests? How does your landscaping enhance the value and curb appeal of your property? Invasive, Climate Change, the new normal, sustainable practices or drainage issues all offer confusing challenges when designing a comfortable living area in your yard.  That is why services delivered by Sunshine Landscaping Company, Inc offer creative, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to your lawn care and landscaping problems.


Steve is a 1977 Honors Graduate from the University of Massachusetts, with a major in Turf Management and Agronomy and has been a Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professional and Horticulturist since 1984. He has been active in the leadership of the Green Industry, highlighted by his term as the President of the Associated Landscape Contractors of Massachusetts in 1992-93.  Steve and his team at Sunshine Landscaping have recently been involved in restoring the Great Lawn at the Tower Hill Botanic Garden.


Steve has been a member of the Worcester Executive Association since 1990; was voted the WEA Executive of the Year in 1993 and was the President of the WEA in 1996.  He has also received many awards for his leadership and 25 years of service to the Trail Community, and was recognized as the “Appie of the Year” by the Worcester Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club for his volunteer leadership of the ongoing reconstruction work on the Pine Hill Trail at Wachusett Mountain State Reservation.  As well as being a long time High School Soccer and Basketball Referee.


Steve’s decades of field experience and certification training have made him a passionate educator, sharing his Horticulture knowledge about lawn care, landscaping, shrubs and pest control topics, based on his world class skills as a field technician and landscape manager.

CLASSIFICATION PRESENTATION May 16 16 – Custom Business Products by Cecile Perreault

CLASSIFICATION PRESENTATION May 16 16 – Custom Business Products by Cecile Perreault

Cecile Barrett-Perreault resides in Sturbridge, MA Graduate of Nichols College.  Started Custom Business Products in 1990 after the birth of our 2nd child and resigned from NCR Corporation where I was a Major Account Executive for the Boston area; previously before that I was the Manager in the Boston Office of Business Forms and Supplies.


25+ Years of Sales Experience in the New England area, I was Outstanding Sales Leader and 2nd in the Country in Sales and attended the International Sales Convention in Athens, Greece.  Named Nichols College Outstanding Alumni of the Year for Business Success in 1990.


Member of ASI and New England Promotional Products.

CLASSIFICATION PRESENTATION May 9 – KLT Industries by Mark Francis

CLASSIFICATION PRESENTATION May 9 – KLT Industries by Mark Francis

KLT Industries


Mark Francis

Vice President of Sales



Mr. Francis joined KLT Industries in 2009.  Third generation of MA waste and recycling.  Created high school recycling initiatives and was an active member of Rainforest Sustainability Alliance which led to studying abroad for 3 years in the rain forests of Belize. He studied Environmental Science w/ Minor in Marine Biology at Rogers Williams University and Business Administration at Dean College.


Mark currently lives in Woodstock, CT with his wife and 3 young daughters (ages 6, 5 and 8 months).  In between the dance classes and princess parties, he enjoys going to the gym with his family, various outdoor activities and craft beer.



It all began in 1990 When Bob followed his dream to use his artistic talents. It started with drawing cartoons for friends, family and spending many hours at the drawing board. Bob wanted to pursue his love for cartoons so he applied and was accepted to the Joe Kubert school of cartooning. The job market for cartooning was sparse in the early 90’s so Bob decided to start his own business instead and Custom Cartoons was born.


It wasn’t long before Bob was asked to make a sign that included a cartoon and the rest as they say is history. Over the years as Bob’s love for signs and the craft intensified he realized that Custom Cartoons did not reflect the work that he was doing at the time and the direction his craft was growing, so Custom Cartoons soon morphed into Creative Signworks.


Using old world craftsmanship and modern technology, today Creative SignWorks continues to work closely with its customers to produce creative, effective advertising and products that will benefit their businesses, homes and environments.