The Worcester Executives Association is an organization of business executives from the Worcester Area, all in non-competing businesses,

How WEA Operates

Connecting Member Businesses

At weekly luncheon meetings, members exchange information and are prepared to share knowledge of current business activities within their own sphere of operation.  This information sharing is the reason for the existence of the organization and may include pre-qualified referrals; leads for new business openings, new structures being built and renovations of old buildings, and names of contact people in various positions in organizations of interest to members.

As a benefit of meeting together and learning about the integrity of each other’s business ethics, WEA members cultivate confidence and respect for the quality of products and services available to their companies or to themselves personally, from WEA member firms.

What are the benefits of joining WEA?

Leads and referrals are the backbone of WEA membership.

In addition, as a WEA member you will become a pat of one of the oldest business organizations in the world–a precursor by decades to the many business networking groups so popular today. With similar type associates throughout the United States, Canada, South Africa and Great Britain, you will have access to firsthand information in your own area of operations as well as contacts globally through the International Executives Association (IEA). This connection will enable you to extend your reach worldwide if you so desire.

Additionally, during weekly presentations from WEA members as well as guest speakers, you will learn valuable information to ensure that you are current on what’s new in the business world.  WEA is the place to keep updated on employment law, insurance reform, energy savings, running a “green” business, the latest in marketing and advertising techniques, technologies to improve productivity, and myriads of other subjects.

Become an “information sponge” with WEA!

  • Generate new business potential
  • Learn firsthand information on new developments in products and services
  • Enjoy “additional” executive salespeople to help market your business
  • Attend active, regular forums discussing business and financial problems with peers
  • Develop new business friends and contacts
  • Generate contacts through affiliated associations in over 100 cities





WEA Member Responsibilities

Involvement is key. To get the full benefit of WEA membership for you and your company, attendance
at regularly scheduled business meetings is important.

However, it is also suggested that you:

  • Represent your firm with dignity and integrity
  • Discover and pursue practical ways of assisting other members
  • Give business information (leads) and act on information received
  • Provide referrals and contacts to other members
  • Pay dues on time
  • Recommend member firms to your own associates, employees, friend, and family
  • Assist in strengthening the association by serving as an officer or committee head when asked
  • Seek out qualified new members in open classifications
  • Contact the President with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Member Application Process

Membership is by invitation from a current member; your sponsor. Members may bring guests. Please email the President, gia@designsbygia.net, in advance if you plan on bring a Guest in an “Open Classification”

Alternatively you may also nominate your own business for membership if the appropriate business classificationis open (see Open Classifications). Note that at least 60% of your revenue must come from business within the selected open classification.

The process is initiated by the sponsoring member or the self nominator by contacting us using the information below.

Worcester Executives Association


Guidelines & ByLaws

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